Tuesday, November 09, 2004

[moodaggrivated yet happy]
[musicsome guy beside me is listening to head phones, i can kind of hear it.]

poor little megan didnt come to school. little pussy. i swear. shes is so pitiful. she doesnt have to do anything and her mom will let her stay home. i mean. thats ridiculous. she misses so many days and she doesnt even care. it pisses me off but what am i to do about it. and I talked to her last night and I was like "are you going to school" and she was like "yessss :):)::):):)" just, ugh. Bitches.

Anyways the retarded girl from my civics class and aerobics class is sitting beside me in here. I dont know what it is but she will NOT stop smileing. and she is like smiling so fucking big and acting like she wants to laugh but it wont come out.. I want to smile. lmfao.

Just, speaking of smile I laughed so hard today in aerobics. Me and nicole and Jessica and Allison hung out all period and worked out together and such. It was fun stuff. seriously. I think Im going to Nicoles house today after school. Should be fuin. Havent been over there in a while. Since last year.. fun times fun times.

After school Im makeing my mom take me to arbys and then to food lion to go get me some little brownies. omgggg they are so ooo oo ooo o good. I swear they are like the best thing that Ive have ever had. And then at home I have iceing and i can put that on there. HOLY MOLAR. I seriously cant wait for my curly fries dipped in honey mustard at Arbys. holy holy holy holy holy....................................c bl/shmarembs

You know what is sad. I have my sandals off and my legs are so long they dont even fit under this table crossed. Like I cant cross my legs. My legs are too long to cross. THATS SO SAD. I hate being tall some times, sure you benefit from it in the modeling industry but still its crazy.

Speaking of modeling industry everytime I go to aerobics, Jessica always tells me how pretty I am. Today she was like "do you swear youre not a model because you are like perfect model, your makeup is always perfect, your hair is always perfect, your figurre is perfect, your style is perfect, everything..?" And I was like "well I do photoshoots and everything but this year Ive been trying to consentrate more on school then modeling yanno?" and she was like "COOOOOOOL" ahahaha <3

Anyways, the bell is going to ring soon and I have to finish my biology homework.



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